Total solution for temperature controlled road transport

In Europe, there is an increasing demand for sustainability in temperature controlled road transport. Presently, most goods are refrigerated using diesel generators. This is a source of noise, emission of CO2 and particulates, and is associated with relatively high costs. NomadPower has an alternative: we are installing power facilities with which drivers can refrigerate their loads at parking and service areas using electricity. In this way, we jointly ensure a significant reduction in noise production, emissions and also costs.

NomadPower is installing and maintaining power facilities in parking and service areas throughout Europe. NomadPower offers a total solution for temperature controlled road transport. We arrange the registration and administration of NomadPower’s users and for invoicing and charge collection for the power used.

With NomadPower, we jointly make a contribution to an improved living environment and save you costs.

NomadPower includes:

  • installation and management of power facilities
  • switching on and off of power
  • readout of power consumption
  • reporting, administration and invoicing.

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