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Smart Solutions at Truckstop 26bis

Nov. 8, 2017

To innovate and provide smart solutions are just two ways to be distinctive and in this way, positive in the news. How does Involtum's NomadPower help you to make a sustainable difference? To give you an idea, we talk to Eddy Kerfs. He is the manager of Truckstop 26bis in Belgium. This car park is one of Belgium's biggest truck stops and was awarded the prestigious title of Best Truck Park in Europe last year.

Eddy Kerfs knows only too well the exact wishes and needs of truck drivers. He has over 20 years experience in the industry having owned a transport company himself.

“Many services are already arranged for the drivers and the next priority on the schedule are sleeping areas. We take you back 3 years in time, when a serious problem occurred.” said Eddy Kerfs.

"We have a fantastic car park with space for 100 trucks and have many facilities: 7 spacious hygienic showers, an extensive convenience store, a restaurant with daily fresh items and a secure car park with security at night. The only downside we encountered was 3 years ago: the huge noise in the parking lot. At that time we placed a large roof on the parking lot which was made of solar panels. Nice, you would think, but when the trucks with their coolers stood underneath this roof, this caused a enormous noise. The whole sound was bubbling through the entire parking lot. It was intolerable."

“How did NomadPower get involved and what are the changes?”

"Via NomadPower, it turned out that you could cool using electricity. This was our solution! After all, electric cooling does not mean running engines in the parking lot. It is easy to educate drivers in terms of using electric cooling. The information leaflet is available in several languages. In addition, NomadPower is in touch directly with drivers who visit our parking. Ideal! The drivers or the company first open an account with NomadPower, then they can simply plug in using a cable. At this point, the meter starts and when you unplug, you will immediately see the consumption meanwhile an invoice will be sent to the manager on a monthly basis. The result is significantly less noise, while for transport owners, it is a lot cheaper. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, truck drivers can have a good night’s sleep without the huge noise of a diesel engine. This way, we are environmentally-friendly plus we offer enormous service to the parking users."

Wondering which sustainable solutions Involtum can offer to help you to be more distinctive? Call us on +3185 2012781 We are here to help you! Alternatively, come and have a look yourself at Truckstop 26bis, Industrieweg 15, Heusden-Zolder in Belgium.

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